My first project that I actually release

Though I have been programming for quite a while now and got a lot of projects in my hard drive, this is actually my first project in android to be release(since mostly I focus on game programming) and boy what a great feeling. I will add more features in the coming months. This project is an on going process. I will keep adding features until I am satisfied.

The app is simple but during the whole journey, I learned a lot just by developing this apps. I put those lessons learned on my list and read it when I am about to do my next app.

Complete UI redesign.

The first design I had on the app sucks and lags so bad. So created the app from the scratch using the full power of MVP. I must say, it serve me quite well.

Download here

You can check the Repeat app here google play store page

Screen Shots

project_ss project_ss project_ss project_ss project_ss

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